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LEMS Showroom (2018)

Furniture producer LEMET Campina – one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Romania and the LEMS store developer, has turned to our services for the interior design of a new showroom.

The project consisted in the fabrication of the glass balustrades, a decorative and safety element.

Glass Balustrades

Being a multi-level public space, the beneficiary wanted a safe and stable grip. Thus, in the lower part, we’ve used a German aluminum profile with lateral grip, profile that could be adapted both to the straight areas, and to the stairs. As far as the fastening system is concerned, for maximum protection, we’ve used stainless steel handrail.

Considering the height of the glass (1100mm) and the desired safety degree, for glass balustrades, we’ve used 21mm thick laminated glass, consisting of two 10mm glass sheets, both sheets being tempered.


LEMS Showroom (2018)


Glass interior design applications

  • Date:

    August – December 2018

  • Location:

    Ploiesti, Romania

  • Contracting Investor:


  • Products:

    Glass Balustrades

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