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City Mall (2014)

The project lasted almost 3 months and involved manufacturing and installing painted and laminated glass panels.

1. Elevator cab cladding

We used multilayer laminated glass 6.4.6, both glass sheet being tempered and stainless steel point fixings; glass was laminated with a matte interlayer (approx. 300 m2).

2. Glass wall cladding

We used painted glass for bathroom walls and public areas (columns, lobby) approx. 2500 m2; glass panels needed cutouts and drilling and had been previously tempered so as to avoid breakage.

3. Atrium glass elevetion

The client wanted to have the 4th and the 5th joined in a highly aesthetic assembly, entirely made of glass to offer better insulation and effective safety. Transparent Design suggested an atrium made of 6.4.6 laminated and tempered glass panels, installed in a DORMA profile and stainless steel fixings, especially designed to match the long span of the atrium and to support firmly the tall glass panels 3500 mm.

4. Hydrant doors

They were made of 8mm tempered and sandblasted glass, with aluminium frames (60 pieces).

5. Public areas

Partitions and doors for public areas were made of 10mm tempered glass with DORMA hardware.

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City Mall (2014)


Glass applications

  • Date:

    July - September 2014

  • Location:

    Bucharest, RO

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