The project consisted in designing the interior of the multifunctional sports and leisure club located in Paradise Green, Corbeanca, Romania. Our company has manufactured and installed several parts, including: glass balustrades, glass doors, partition panels, shower cabinets, and fitness room mirrors.
Glass Balustrades
For the glass balustrades we’ve used 8.2.8 mm thick laminated glass, both tempered sheets with clamping on the side with punctual stainless steel parts. Also, for maximum protection, we’ve used stainless steel handrail.
Glass Walls and Glass Doors
For dressing areas we’ve manufactured decorative panels of colored glass. For safety, we used laminated and tempered 12 mm thick glass. Considering the desired colors (RAL 5018/5023/5012/5003), we’ve used 2 6 mm ultra-clear glass sheets (without green shade) to avoid damaging the desired shade. These were tempered, dyed and then laminated.
In the fitness area, the beneficiary opted for increased visibility, so we’ve manufactured 10 mm thick transparent glass walls, on which we’ve applied a self-adhesive film which imitates sandblasting.
Bespoke Shower Enclosures
In the shower area, the beneficiary opted for matte glass. We’ve used MATELUX 8 mm chemically matted glass. In addition, we’ve used special side hinges for the shower cabin, with wall mounting.