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Glass Staircases – Advantages and Disadvantages

Transparent Design - June 27, 2017 - 0 comments

Glass staircases have managed to gain massive popularity over the past couple decades. They add a certain elegance and style to the architectural aesthetics of the living places along with adding a modern edge to homes. The glass staircases have slowly begun replacing the conventional wood and concrete staircases; with benefits that no one had ever thought was possible before.

Glass products have not just been limited to monotonous and repetitive designs. While deciding to go for a glass staircase, there is an array of different designs, styles, textures and materials to choose from, specific to the requirement of the house. Different styles and textures of glass include clear glass, frosted glass and sandblasted glass, which can add a unique look to the house according to the taste and preference of the owner.

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Advantages of Glass Staircases

Glass staircases reflect a unique and affluent lifestyle which is gaining immense popularity in the modern world. Most people have started opting for glass staircases in their homes instead of the monotonous concrete and wooden staircases. Let’s see why glass staircases are gaining popularity in home décor:

1. Seamless: Glass staircases give a more easy-on-eyes feel and do not make the interior look gaudy. Instead, it gives homes a more spacious appeal.

2. Illuminating: Glass staircases have the ability to let the light pass through them, unlike the conventional staircases. This makes the home look aesthetically appealing during daylight.

3. Hassle-free: Overtime wooden staircases can develop the problem of termites, which thankfully glass staircases do not have to come across. The quality of glass does not deteriorate over time with use, as does the quality of wood and neither are the glass staircases as expensive to maintain as wooden staircases.

4. Moisture-friendly: One of the best advantages of glass staircases is that they are not affected by moisture in the air, hence they do not get damp and neither do they rot as wooden staircases do. This means the after the initial investment, the maintenance cost is low compared to the wooden staircases. Once installed, glass staircases prove to be sturdy with a long lifespan.

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Disadvantages of Glass Staircases

Despite the many advantages, glass products have certain disadvantages associated with them. They need to be mentioned to the owner, in order to warn the customers of the safety hazard.

1. Breakable: While choosing the glass for staircases, it is important to select fabricated ones as they do not break. Normal or poor quality glass can cause accidents by shattering and notwithstanding the weight of heavy objects on them.

2. Hazardous: Glass staircases need to be used with precaution as they might cause accidents through spills, lifting heavy objects and even through sudden blows.

3. Routine checks for glass breakage: Unlike the conventional wooden staircases, these glass staircases would not last long unless they are properly and timely maintained and regularly checked for any hidden cracks or scratches on the glass.

4. Cost Hefty: Because the glass staircases are not easy to install and require constant maintenance, their cost would be hefty on pockets, compared to the wooden and concrete stairs which are generally low in cost.

It does not matter what cons glass staircases may have because they will always be a desirable choice to elevate the interior of the houses. In case you’re planning to replace your wooden or concrete staircase with the glass one, rest assured that Transparent Design has in store for you the most affordable, durable and long-lasting glass staircases, that can add elegance to your living space.





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