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Sliding Doors

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Advantages of Sliding Doors

  • Frameless modern and elegant design
  • Reliable systems, easy to handle
  • Optimal for small spaces
  • Available in glass side wall systems
  • Easy to handle

Sliding Doors Dimensions

Transparent Design can provide custom made sliding glass doors, including unusually wide doors. The glass panels are processed in our factory according to on-site measurements and can weigh up to 150 kg.

Type of Glass

Transparent Design can manufacture doors of tempered or laminated glass, ranging from 8 mm to 12 mm thick. You can choose from a wide selection of colours and finishes:

  • Clear/ ultra-clear float glass
  • Coloured glass -bronze/ grey / green
  • Sandblasted glass or laminated with a matte/ white interlayer
  • Coated glass with pattern/ print


We use the best quality hardware made by DORMA Germany. The tracks have an attractive design and are attached to the top of the door; they can be fixed onto the wall, under the ceiling or even to glass. Depending on functionality and budget, we can provide sliding glass doors fitted with:

  • Compact track with the roller assembly hidden inside.
  • Concealed carriers with clamping patches.
dorma rs 120 rs syncro usa sticla

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Dorma Agile 150 / Agile 150 Syncro
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dorma agile usa sticla

Dorma Agile 50
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Dorma Hardware

Giving the wide range of surface finishes available (aluminium silver anodized, satin or polished stainless steel) and its heavy usage functionality, Dorma Universal range is recommended not only for home, but also for office design or storefronts....

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About Us

Glass has recently become an interior design element used and appreciated because of its qualities. Elegant and translucent, glass is the perfect solution not only for residential applications, but also for commercial office buildings, adding style and sophistication to a modern space.

Glass walls, glass doors, bespoke mirrors, bespoke shower enclosures, colored glass cladding, glass for stairs and balustrades, these are just some of the extremely varied solutions that we can offer.

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