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Toughened Glass

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Glass tempering or toughening is a thermal process of heating the glass up to 700-740°C followed by fast and uniform cooling – through which the glass becomes up to 5 times harder, without losing its elasticity.

Transparent Design  provides multiple kinds of tempered glass ( float, colored and low iron, Low-e and reflexive glass), from a thickness of 4 mm to 19 mm, also Jumbo sizes up to 6000×3200 mm.

Our tempering technology complies with the European standards EN 12150 and EN 1863.In May 2020, Transparent Design received the certification BSI Kitemark™ BS EN 12150 for thermal tempered glass:

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NEW 2022 MAY

We can also temperate and manufacture 3 mm glass!


The most important quality of toughened glass is its braking behavior compared to a normal glass. Tempered glass is breaking in small pieces and harmless blunted ones.

An essential element for decreasing the probability of breaking during the tempering process is the careful processing of the glass edges. It is well known that the faulty processing of the glass edge equally affects the quality and the mechanical properties of the final product.

The tempered glass is a type of safety glazing material used for glass walls and doors, windows or curtain walls, laminated panels for railings, bathroom elements or glass furniture applications – especially for applications needing the following:

  • A better resistance to the mechanical shocks (glass doors, point-fix glass panels, as well as glass banisters, etc.).
  • A better resistance at the thermal shock (the glass that is subject to intensive sun rays or are mounted close to some heating sources such as the wallsplashbacks with colored glass, etc.).
  • A better protection against the risk of breaking or decreased risk of injury.

The “Heat Soak” – treatment for thermally toughened glass.

Nevertheless, there is still a risk of the toughened glass, respectively the risk of accidental or spontaneous breaking of the glass without being subject to certain extreme shocks.

This risk can be removed through a test called HEAT-SOAK TREATMENT. The nickel sulfide inclusions usually included in any glass, increase their volume under high temperatures. The tension balance inside the tempered glass is changed through tempering process and the so-called spontaneous breaking occur. To minimize this risk, an additional treatment through the ‘heat soak’ is advised – in case of the windows/curtain walls or applications with a high hazard potential for people. Thus, after tempering glass is introduced in the special stove and kept at an average constant temperature of about 290 Celsius degrees for 4-8 hours, while the glass panels with risk are breaking.


In order to obtain quality products, Transparent Design has continously invested in the latest technology manufactured by reputable professionals in the field.

  • 2016 – our company procured an European tempering furnace RC 200 VORTEX PLUS, TAMGLASS – a worldwide leader. The furnace benefits from a new uniformed and controlled heating technology of the glass, respectively a performant convection system which is seen both in the quality of the tempered glass (curvature and appearance), and in the productivity of the equipment, in tempering both float glass and lowe 0.04 / 0.02 or ultraclear glass.
  • 2021 – we invested in a bigger tempering furnace LANDGLASS UltraJet A326OU – 6000 x 3300mm
    with full convection technology designed to process all types of glass including low –iron and Low-e ( e =0.01) glass.
  • 2022 – we will install by the end of May the second furnace full conection LANDGLASS UltraJet PLUS BOTTOM SUPERAIR – 5000 x 2400MM. It will enable us to temper glass from 3.2 mm !


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