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Glass Laminating

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GLASS LAMINATING means hot bonding of two or more glass sheets of different thickness by putting between them an EVA/PVB elastic foil. Such product is called laminated or layered glass, with different uses due to its increased safety properties, along with the capacity to respond to the current architectural requirements.

Laminating interlayers can be:

  • Transparent
  • Frosted
  • Colored



Transparent Design is holding one lamination machine:

  • JUMBO PUJOL furnace for glass laminating with the sizes of 6000×3200 mm (2021), with a capacity of around 300 sqm / day.


  • Safety;
  • Clarity of the finite product ;
  • High durability in time.


The laminated glass is suitable for floors or roofs, stairs and glass railings, due to its safety properties: in case of breaking, the glass fragments remain stuck through the inner foil, removing the personal injury risk.

Another important aspect in the day-to-day life is the protection against vandalism and burglary in the public and residential spaces. In case of impact, the windows or the glass walls having laminated glass in their composition, stay put and can be a solution if a proper laminated material is chosen. The thickness and the structure of the anti-burglary glass is given by the security level required by the norms in force.

The laminated glass is also the base of the execution of the bulletproof glass or of the explosion-proof glass.


The number and the thickness of the glass sheets, as well as the number of the inter-layer EVA/PVB foils are established according to the size of the laminated glass, the utility and the resistance in case of impact or the weight they must bear. The safety level is increasing pro rata with the number of used foils. Moreover, the windows can be tempered before the lamination in case mechanical clamping is used (holes, cuttings), thus increasing the resistance of the finite laminated glass.

Besides the safety and resistance properties, the laminated glass with EVA interlayer responds to the current architectural and design requirements. Thus, glass of different thickness or color can be laminated; different textiles, special printings, colored foils can be inserted between the glasses for the creation of certain multiple effects. Two sheets of colored glass (enameled in any RAL color) can be laminated with paint on the inside, to have color and opacity on both sides, preserving the shining of the glass on the outside at the same time. Thus doors, glass walls, banisters, shower cabins can be executed.

Transparent Design suggests you laminated glass with FROSTED foil on the inside instead of the mechanically sandblasted glass, because it is much easier to preserve it due to the removal of the staining risk in time of the sandblasting.


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