By enamelling glass it is possible to obtain opaque coloured glass, known as Emalit or Enamelled glass. A porcelain enamel is uniformly applied on one side of the glass using a roller machine, a process that is immediately followed by the tempering (toughening) of the glass. As a result, the enamel is ‘fired’ permanently into the glass surface at a very high temperature, giving the product excellent durability and stability of the colour over the time.

Emalit or Enamelled glass is a toughened safety glass with a mechanical strength and durability inherent to the glass manufactured in accordance with standard BS EN 12150.

Due to the technological process of enameling, emalit glass is mostly suitable for outdoor applications, and is increasingly becoming an element used by architects and designers for façade cladding.


  • External façade in insulated spandrels or cladding panels
  • Interior glass walls and doors
  • Splashback glass for walls and worktops
  • Laminated glass


Our ROLMAC MultiGlass enables us to apply a constant and uniform quantity of ceramic enamel, obtaining an opaque coloured glass! Due to our roller technology, enameled glass is suitable for both outdoor applications and interior designs. Maximum sizes: 4800x2400. The roller machine is suitable for the enameling and design printing of glass sheets by means of an engraved cylinder.

The machine can easily enamel and print any kind of flat glass on the market with sheet thicknesses from 3 mm to 25 mm and sizes up to 6000 mm x 2600 mm.

A wide range and choice of rollers, with different engravings, enables us to apply a constant and uniform coating with an enamel quantity from 30g / m2 to 400g / sqmtwet (30 to 300 micron) in a single pass.

Laser-engraved design printing rollers are available to create silk-screen effects such as dots, geometrical motifs, etc.

Coloured Glass is available in a wide range of colours. Additional decorative effects can be obtained by enameling different base glasses and/or designing specific colours.

Glass enameling

Glass enameling