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Fire resistant glass

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TRANSPARENT DESIGN is a certified distribuitor of AGC PYROBEL(ITE) fire resistant glass. Our company has the necessary technology for processing fireproof glass, being the unique processor on the Romanian market, thus offering the best execution and delivery terms.

FIRE rated glass is design to prevent the spread of smoke, flames and gases in the event of fire. This is a laminated glass that may comprise one or more fire-resistant ‘intumescents’ interlayers. As soon as the glazing reaches a temperature of around 100° C, the interlayers expand and transform into a rigid and opaque protective barrier that absorbs radiation and heat.

How to evaluate the fire resistance of the glass

The fire resistant level is determined by the time (in minutes) for which the glazed element continues to meet one or more fire criteria (E, EW,EI) at the same time, offering protection.

The following 3 classes are defined by the standard EN13501-2:


E : ‘Integrity’
Stops flames, smoke and toxic gas.
No heat reduction.

EW : ‘Integrity and low radiation’
Stops flames, smoke and toxic gas.
Limited heat transfer up to 15 kw/m2.

EI : ‘Integrity and Insulation’
Stops flames, smoke and toxic gas.
No heat transfer.


PYROBELITE is the thinnest fire rated glass, capable to provide minimum protection against fire up to 60 min. It may

PYROBELITE meets criteria for integrity and low radiation EW 30 and EW60, as well for integrity and insulation EI 20, depending of the structure and number of fire resistant interlayers.


With a thickness between 7.9-12.3 mm, PYROBELITE is mostly used in internal single glazing, as well as in insulated glazing unit for outdoor applications (double or triple glazing).

Fire resistance pertains to a whole building element, not just one of its components. Therefore, its classification relates to the whole unit being tested, consisting of the glass with the frame (the glazed element).

PYROBELITE delivers fire protection in both directions according to the standard EN 13501-2.


  • THE SHORTEST DELIVERY TIMES, as it can be cut to the requested sizes in our facilities;
  • Proven long-term quality, perfect transparency;
  • Excellent acoustic insulation properties;
  • Made in Europe.


PYROBEL is a laminated glass with more fire-resistant ‘intumescents’ interlayers, with a higher rate of protection.

PYROBEL keeps out flames, limit the heat transfer through the glazing and reduce strongly the temperature ( EI 30 –EI 120).

The glass delivers fire protection in both directions according to the standard EN 13501-2.


With a thickness between 17.3 -53 mm, PYROBEL can be use in a larger range of internal and external applications: partitions and doors, fire resistant curtain walls-facades, windows.

PYROBEL HORIZONTAL can be used for floor or roof glazings.

PYROBEL VISION LINE delivers fire resistant, unbroken walls of glass that ensures a broad field of vision, making it the perfect choice for modern fully glazed partitions. Pyrobel 16 Vision Line (VL) is a butt-joined system using multiple Pyrobel fire-resistant glass panes interconnected by means of a 4-5 mm silicone joint, which offers a maximum of light transparency.

Pyrobel fiind o sticla laminata, VISION LINE are si proprietati acustice ridicate.


    • THE SHORTEST DELIVERY TIMES, as it can be cut to the requested sizes in our facilities;
    • Proven long-term quality, perfect transparency;
    • Comfort : An unrivalled light transmission and an optimal acoustic insulation for maximal comfort
    • Made in Europe.

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