Edging involves polishing the edges of glass panels by using the latest machinery in order to achieve decorative glass that is safe to handle and highly functional. Edge finishing is compulsory, especially prior to tempering, as glass panels without polished edges might break during this process.

Transparent Design can manage both straight line and round surface edge grinding. For round surfaces, we use a computerized machine - CNC – to achieve high accuracy of desired shapes. For safety reasons, edge grinding is compulsory for some glass products such as tabletops or worktops.

We can use our latest technology machines to polish both flat glass and PVB/ laminated glass (staircases, floors) from 3 mm up to 30 mm thick with the final edge that can be matte, perfectly bright or bevelled, according to the customer’s wishes. For instance, when manufacturing glass staircases, the panels first have their edges polished individually, and after the laminating process, the resulting tread is polished again to achieve a perfectly bright bevel. This way, we create the look of a single mitrer.

The machine can also be set to achieve a slanted edge 0 to 450 with side arises.

Edge polishing equipment:

  • One BAVELLONI VE-350 (2019) line for edge polishing with arises;
  • One automatic line BAVELLONI VE-500 V10 (2017), enabling us to process the edge at variable angles from 0 ° to 45 °;
  • BAVELLONI HE500  double edger line (2018).

Edge processing

Edge processing