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The ‘water-jet’ technology is an easy cutting method, with the help of a strong pressure of the water and sand jet, of several types of materials:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Metal

We have procured from the CMS Italian manufacturer – a leader in the manufacturing of machines with digital control, a water-jet equipment with cutting-edge technology: the TECNOCUT EASYLINE IN 5 AXES. With an innovating and complex system of pressure intensification, patented by the CMS, TECNOCUT provides a higher stability and a constant pressure of the water jet, thus providing a higher quality of the cutting process, and an increased productivity.

Actually, in a single passage – cutting/cutout, the removal of the sharp debris, the cleaning and the smoothness of the edges or of the edges of the holes, is possible. Thus, the machine is very helpful in the fast and accurate execution of the holes and cutouts (without needing additional operations), and of certain panels with shapes / sizes which cannot be executed by the traditional CNCs. Benefitting from 5 axes, TECNOCUT precisely performs glass beveling and faceting operations.


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Glass has recently become an interior design element used and appreciated because of its qualities. Elegant and translucent, glass is the perfect solution not only for residential applications, but also for commercial office buildings, adding style and sophistication to a modern space.

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