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Glass Manufacture

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Transparent Design, located in Romania, is a top glass processing manufacturer with large production capabilities and extensive expertise in manufacturing a wide range of flat glass products. Glass is a highly functional material that can aesthetically embellish any design, adding colour or texture, transparency or privacy.

We Use an Extensive Selection of Glass for Our Products

Float Glass: Common green glass, 4 mm to 25 mm thick that can be processed, painted or sandblasted, tempered or laminated for any possible application or glass product.

Ultra-Clear Glass: This type of glass has unprecedented clarity with a cool neutral ice-blue edge, and can be the perfect choice for glass walls due to its high light transmittance (92%). Ultra-Clear glass can be processed and tempered in various ways, making it perfectly suitable for interior applications due to its unmatched levels of colour fidelity – painted glass wall cladding, clear or sandblasted glass doors, shower enclosures, glass balustrades, etc. – where true colours are of extreme importance.

Coloured Glass: Transparent float glass in different shades (bronze, grey, green, blue) that can be processed in all possible ways, like standard float glass. It can be used to manufacture any glass product, including laminated, sandblasted or PVB glass panels.

PVB Laminated Glass: Laminated glass with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer is provided by our suppliers and is usually cut and processed for different applications. Even though it cannot be tempered, it is considered a “safe” type of glass and can be used for glass walls and glass balustrades when the fixing system does not require mechanical fittings that need drilling. PVB glass can incorporate various combinations of clear, ultra-clear glass or coloured glass.

Laminated Glass: This type of multilayer glass, that is manufactured in our glass manufacture, is mainly used for glass staircases and floors, with a thickness ranging from 30 mm to 35 mm to withstand high uniformly distributed load. Glass sheets can be drill and tempered prior to being laminated; thus, the resulting laminated glass panels can be suitable for glass skylights and glass balustrades with mechanic fittings. Transparent Design can manufacture laminated glass in various thickness and finishes options to suit any project requirements – transparent or opaque, coloured or back painted, etc.

MATELUX Glass: Flat transparent or coloured glass, one side of which has a high quality acid-etched finish, famous for its fine and homogenous grain. Matelux has the same mechanical characteristics as flat glass with multiple processing options: it may be easily processed, drilled and toughened, laminated and assembled in double glazing. Due to its special and elegant finish, that softly filters the light, this type of glass is ideal for multiple applications: glass partitions and doors, tabletops, shelves, shower enclosures, etc. MATELUX ANTISLIP has a special frosted finish that gives this glass its antislip properties, making it ideal for staircases and floors.

LACOBEL Glass: Painted glass made by AGC GLASS is available in 25 trendsetting colours to offer a wide range of style choices. LACOBEL is mainly used for indoor applications such as furniture (swing or sliding doors, wardrobe doors, shelves, etc.) and coloured glass wall cladding. This type of glass has multiple processing options: it can be cut, finished, drilled, but it cannot be toughened.

Painted Glass: is float glass that is painted in our factory, in any colour to RAL reference and available in a wide range of glass thickness. The benefits of back-painted glass is that the glass panels can be toughened prior to being painted, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of applications.

Fire resistant glass

TRANSPARENT DESIGN is a certified distribuitor of AGC PYROBEL(ITE) fire resistant glass. Our company has the necessary technology for processing fireproof glass, being the unique processor on the Romanian market, thus offering the best execution and delivery terms…

Glass Enameling
Glass Enameling

By enamelling glass it is possible to obtain opaque coloured glass, known as Emalit or Enamelled glass. A porcelain enamel is uniformly applied on one side of the glass using a roller machine, a process that is immediately followed…

glass cutting
Glass Cutting

Glass cutting comes first in the sequence of glass processing options. Glass is purchased from well-known producers in different size sheets and is cut in our glass manufacture using two automatic cutting table systems for float and PVB laminated glass…


The ‘water jet’ technology is an industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of hard materials, such as glass, metal or stone, using an extremely high-pressure jet of water, or a mixture of water and an abrasive substance…

glass edge grinding
Edge Grinding

Edging involves polishing the edges of glass panels by using the latest machinery in order to achieve decorative glass that is safe to handle and highly functional. Edge finishing is compulsory, especially prior to tempering, as glass panels without polished edges might break…

prelucrare cnc
CNC Cutting

Bavelloni Computer Numerical Control (CNC) workcentre is designed for a wide range of automatic operations: cutting, edge finishing, bevelling, drilling, shaped pockets, artistic engraving. It is the ideal multifunctional centre for manufacturing glass to be used for…

laminare sticla
Glass Laminating

Glass staircases are an interior design element that adds a unique, modern touch to residential homes. lass flooring is the latest innovative solution for interior design. If you choose the modern glass flooring solution, it does not mean you…

Glass Painting and Sandblasting 1
Glass Painting and Sandblasting

Painted glass is the ideal decorative element to be used in interior design. This type of coloured glass is particularly suitable for wall cladding in public areas (reception halls, restaurants, shops) or in residential spaces…

toughened safety glass
Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, or tempered glass is obtained by heating the glass at a temperature of up to 700-740 Cº, then quickly cooling its surface: in this way, the glass becomes five times as strong, while preserving its flexibility…

UV Bonding
UV Bonding

Furniture best reflects the simplicity and beauty of the glass. The ability to use UV bonding enables us to create different designs (without the need for gripping elements), robust and elegant…

About Us

Glass has recently become an interior design element used and appreciated because of its qualities. Elegant and translucent, glass is the perfect solution not only for residential applications, but also for commercial office buildings, adding style and sophistication to a modern space.

Glass walls, glass doors, bespoke mirrors, bespoke shower enclosures, colored glass cladding, glass for stairs and balustrades, these are just some of the extremely varied solutions that we can offer.

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