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We bring glass to life!

Our Glass Processing Factory

Our 3000 m2 factory is equipped with modern tools and equipment, allowing us to provide high quality products. We’re using new technologies and precision, and invest in modern equipment from leading suppliers, focusing not only on extending the production capacity, but also on improving the quality of our glass products.

Products with Tailor-Made Design

Our glass products are manufactured with extreme precision to meet the highest visual and functionality standards. We can offer tailored solutions for both interior and exterior design. Glass walls, glass doors, bespoke mirrors, bespoke shower enclosures, colored glass cladding, glass railings these are just some of the extremely varied solutions that we can offer.


Glass Laminating

Thanks to EVALAM interlayer and to our new LAM-PRO oven from PUJOL, we are able to produce laminated tempered glass with excellent transparency and high adhesion, suitable for any application where optical perfection and durability is a requirement. Maximum sizes: 5000 x 2500.

Toughened Glass 4

Toughened Glass

We have in place a GLASTON toughening furnace that enables us to guarantee for the quality of our products. Our RC – 200 VORTEX PLUS is designed to process all types of  glass, including low –iron and Low-e ( e=0.04/0.02) glass. Maximum sizes: 4800 x 2400.


Glass Enameling

Our ROLMAC MultiGlass enables us to apply a constant and uniform quantity of ceramic enamel, obtaining an opaque coloured glass! Due to our roller technology, enameled glass is suitable for both outdoor applications and interior designs. Maximum sizes: 4800×2400.


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Why Choose Us?

  1. EXPERTISE – Our quality glass manufacturer employs highly qualified personnel, with valuable experience in flat glass processing. Our 3000 square metre production facility is fitted with the latest technology tools and equipment.
  2. HIGH- QUALITY SERVICES – We offer a wide range of services, including: glass cutting, edging, tempering, CNC cutting, EVASAFE glass lamination, glass sandblasting and painting.
  3. LEADING SUPPLIERS – We work with leading suppliers: Saint Gobain, AGC Flat Glass, Dorma, Euroglass, Guardian Glass etc.

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Order & Delivery

  1. Send your request: glass types & quantities, dimensions & shapes, cuts & drills needed, and any other relevant elements; attach any ACAD files or plans (if  necessary).
  2. You will receive our offer according to your request specifications, including the price estimation, terms of execution & delivery, and packaging.
  3. Approve the offer, place your order & sign the contract
  4. Custom products can take between 5-10 business days to be fabricated. For large quantities and special types of glass, the execution time can take longer. Please pay attention to this, as it is  mentioned in our offer.
  5. Once the order is finished, you will be announced immediately.
  6. We will prepare your order for shipment – 1-2 business days.

Our factory is investing continuously in the latest technology to cater clients all over Europe, by providing high quality glass products in the shortest time possible.

Şoseaua Olteniţei 208
Popești-Leordeni 077160 Romania
Mon – Fri: 8.00 – 17.00
Sat - Sun: Closed