Transparent Design SRL is a privately owned Romanian glass manufacturer, founded in 2005, committed to promoting a new approach to the business company-client relationship on the Romanian glass market, by offering high quality products and services within production and installation deadlines.

We employ highly qualified people, with valuable expertise in processing flat glass. Our 2000 m2 manufacturing space is equipped with modern tools and equipment, allowing us to provide high quality products. In 2007, Transparent Design obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate.

New Technologies and Precision

We have recently been investing a lot in new, modern equipment from leading suppliers, focusing not only on extending our production capacity, but also on improving the quality of our glass products.

Main Equipment

  • Automated cutting machines BAVELLONI (for PVB glass or float glass) standard size 2550x3210 mm; In September 2015, we are going to start using a new automated cutting machine Jumbo to process lager size glass sheets 6000 x 3210 mm;
  • Edge polishing equipment:
    • Two BAVELLONI lines allow us to process 500 m bevelled edge an hour ; the containers with cerium oxide and the four special brushes make the edge extremely bright;
    • One automatic line, enabling us to process the edge at variable angles from 00 to 450.
    • High speed bevelling machine BAVELLONI MAX 80
  • Laminated glass production lines:
    • KERRAGLASS Italy laminating line with EVASAFE interlayer to process laminated glass 3000 x 1700;
    • In September 2015 we’ll start using our new PUJOL laminating furnace 5000 x 2400 mm, enabling us to produce almost 180 m2 a day.
  • BAVELLONI automatic glass processing centre (CNC ALPHA 450 -4N) designed to accurately process flat glass in unique shapes and custom cuts 4500 x 2500 mm;
  • Enameling and printing float glass sheets line ROLLMAC MULTIGLASS 2600/3 and drying oven – capacity approx. 60 m/h;
  • Vertical glass milling machine CMS Italy PROFILE 5028 SX  for automatic processing JUMBO 5000x2800 mm;
  • Tempering machine TAMGLASS RC200 Vortex Plus dim. 5000 x 2400 mm.

Our company is appropriately equipped with a complex range of tools to process not only 2-25mm thick PVB and float glass, but also laminated glass.

Transparent Design can provide a wide array of glass products: glass doors and glass partition walls, glass staircases, glass balustrades, glass floors, skylights, bespoke shower enclosures, coloured glass wall cladding, glass worktops, glass furniture (coffee tables, shelves,display cases, etc).