• Modern frameless look
  • Varied ways of fixing systems: floor mounted, side mounted or recessed base rail
  • A wide range of systems, suitable for outdoor or public, heavy traffic areas

Glass size

The glass panels are custom made in our factory according to on-site measurements, made by our specialist technicians. The exact thickness and size of the glass panels will be determined according to the fixing system and the handrail pressure.

Type of glass

Transparent Design can manufacture framed balustrade system out of laminated and/or toughened glass which complies with all safety building requirements. You can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes:

  • Clear float glass
  • Ultra clear glass
  • Coloured glass- bronze/ grey/ green
  • Sandblasted glass or laminated with a matte interlayer

Fixing systems

Transparent Design uses a wide range of fixing systems, made of metal or aluminium with varied finishes (anodized, brushed stainless steel, painted). All fixing systems comply with all building requirements and are meant to ensure maximum comfort and safety. A stainless steel or wooden handrail can be used.

Balustrades with aluminium profile

Balustrades with aluminium profile