Bavelloni Computer Numerical Control (CNC) workcentre is designed for a wide range of automatic operations: cutting, edge finishing, bevelling, drilling, shaped pockets, artistic engraving. It is the ideal multifunctional centre for manufacturing glass to be used for furniture or building applications (worktops, staircases, balustrades, doors, etc.) with different shapes and cut-outs that require extreme accuracy and that cannot be handcrafted or finished with ordinary tools. CNC finishing stands for definitely better quality, offering increased resistance for tempered/ toughened glass and mechanic fixing systems.

Moreover, CNC processing means minimal errors (maximum 0.02 mm) due the automatic operation pre-setting using ACAD data files that can be easily transferred to the computer of the machine. Glass panels processing is much faster when using a CNC workcentre, as its software application includes a library of parametric shapes and cutouts that can be adjusted to the required measurements, thus making the operator’s work much easier.

CNC processing