Glass staircases

The use of glass staires enhances the modern image of a home, while also creating a unique design feature. Each glass stair project is specifically engineered according to the existing space and can be design in a variety of shapes, sizes and with a large  range of glass colours. The structure support can be straight ar circular, made of steel, stainless steel or concrete.

The process of glass stairs relies on the laminating method. This method allows two or more pieces of glass to be bonded toghether ( 15+15 mm, 10+8+10 mm thickness), laminated glass sustaining a distributed weight up to 600kg/m².

Glass staircases are an interior design element that adds a unique, modern touch to residential homes. They can be designed to fit thespace available and can be fixed using metallic/ stainless steel structures or directly mounted on the concrete landing.

The method of glass lamination is the most important element to consider for glass staircases. Depending on the fixing system and the size of the treads, we will choose the thickness of the glazed glass (three glass sheets 10.8.10 mm, two glass sheets 15.15 mm, etc.), that can withstans up to 600 kg/m2 (uniformely distributed load). You can choose a transparent, matte or coloured finish for the glass. You can also choose the three-layered glass staircases, with the middle shattered layer.

Glass staircases and floors

Glass floors

Glass flooring is the latest innovative solution for interior design. If you choose the modern glass flooring solution, it does not mean you will disregard the resistence of a classical wood or concrete floor, as our laminated glass floors meet any safety requirements (we typically use 28-32 mm thick triplex glass). Glass floors made of sandblasted glass (laminated with a matte interlayer) or floors that are dramatically enhanced with LED lighting in various colours can create spectacular visual effects.

Glass floor