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Home page » Services » Glass processing on CNC

Glass processing on CNC

Bavelloni multifunctional work centre is design to perform a complete range of operations : cutting, drilling, edging and polishing, artistic engraving. This is ideal for use in arhitectural and furniture sectors, where the precision and the accurancy of the glass processing is a must or can't  be achieved by the usual machines. The quality of the holes or complex cuttings performed by CNC give glass more resistance in case of tempering process or  mechanical fixing sistems. 

The CNC control with PC offers performance and flexibility, while the machine manages and calculates its moves , the PC communicates with operator in a way that is easy and intuitive. The automatic measurements of radius or length are made with high precision (maximum deviation of 0.02 mm ). The PC allows the CNC to be conected to our IT network for data sharing. The machine dedicated software, also includes a library of parametric  shapes, and another of  tempered doors notches covering the main hinge producers. All these help the operator to create designs and work programs, saving a lot of time and labour.