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Glass doors

Glass doors add a touch of elegance to any interior, incorporating aesthetic appeal, spacious ambience and exceptional functionality. Glass, through its transparency, provides rooms with light and breadth, and is therefore more attractive than an opaque alternative making people to feel more confortable at home or at 'works'. Depending on required style and utility, glass doors can be fully transparent, semi-transparent, coloured  or personalised bearing logos, diffrent patterns and company names.   

Intellingent hardware systems for glass doors and glass walls enable nowadays to divide the space efficiently and also to create flexible room-in-room solutions or entrances to meet any requirement. 

The fittings we use carry the German brand of DORMA. 

 Swing glass doors  Sliding glass doors  Movable wall systems
 Dorma Universal  Dorma RS 120 / RS Syncro   HSW
 Dorma Arcos Universal  Dorma Agile 150 / Agile 150 Syncro   FSW-G, FSW-C
 Dorma Tensor  Dorma Agile 50   MOVEO
 Dorma Beyond    
 Dorma Visur    
 Dorma TP / TA