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About us

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Let’s introduce ourselves:

The story of Transparent Design SRL started in 2005 due to the desire to bring another approach of the Company-Customer reports, the raising of the product quality standard and the compliance with the manufacturing and mounting terms on the Romanian glass market.

At first, Transparent Design especially addressed to the indoor design projects, the accomplished manufacturing being 90% designed to the own mounting projects. In order to preserve a high quality standard of the products, we realized that this involves the investments in the machines. Thus, we made no expense to the quality and turned to the procurement of new and performant machines, from the European reputable suppliers. This way, we reached the increase of the permanent manufacturing capacity, and the turning to a larger variety of products as laminated glass and enameled glass.

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In 2009, we procured the first CNC 4500×2500 mm and, with it, we started to diversify the glass manufacturing. We could also manufacture the panels with different shapes which cannot be made with standard machines (for example climbing and round-shape banister panels) or panels which need a good accuracy in the execution (the minimal deviations).

At our customers’ requests, we started to manufacture JUMBO glasses (these are the secured glass panels, which exceed the sizes of the standard sheet of 2550×3210 mm). Thus we procured the first JUMBO cutting line with automatic feeding in 2015, for glass sheets of 6000×3210 mm. Moreover, our cutting capacity tripled, reaching the performance of taking over orders from other mounting companies and execute them in a shorter term than the processing companies on the market. For keeping up with the market, we adapted in 2016 the JUMBO panel processing capacity, and for this, we procured an automatic vertical CNC having the main advantage the much faster execution of all the finishing operations (edge, drilling, cutting) for the 5 m-panels.


The demand of painted glass increased more and more, and to satisfy the demand, we procured a professional enameling / painting line including the drying furnace, with a capacity of about 60 m painted glass / hour. In order to decrease the manufacturing time, and due to the quality issues we faced, we decided to procure a TAMGLASS 5000X2400 mm secure furnace which was put in manufacturing in 2016.

Regarding the raw material, we work only with the best quality glass from manufacturers such as SAINT GOBAIN, AGC and we always have special glass on stock: ultraclear glass, massed colored glass (bronze, grey, dark grey) or Matelux (matted).

The glass factory extends on a surface of around 6000 sqm and benefits from qualified staff, with a solid expertize in the processing of the plain glass.

Transparent Design obtained the certification of the quality insurance system ISO 9001 in 2017, and in May 2020 received the BSI Kitemark™ BS EN 12150 for the secured glass.

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New Technologies and Accuracy

Thus, TRANSPARENT DESIGN becomes the largest plain glass processer in Romania, executing the entire range of processing with own machines: cutting, CNC processing, enameling and printing, lamination and securing!

Our main machines

The cutting machines:

  • Two BOTTERO GERMANY JUMBO lines with automatic load for 6000×3210 mm sheets both for the float glass and for the duplex glass (2015 & 2018);

Edge processing machines for glass:

  • BAVELLONI VE-350 (2019) line of processing of the edge with bizot;
  • BAVELLONI VE-500 V10 (2017) line permitting the automatic execution of the edge with variable angle of 0°- 45 °.
  • BAVELLONI HE500 (2019) – Automatic bilateral edge processing line finishing the edge of the panels from a single way.

CNC glass processing machines:

  • Horizontal CNC BAVELLONI NRG 420 Power Jet (2019) designed to the accurate processing of the glass panels with special shapes and cuttings, in size of 4500 x 2500 mm;
  • 4 state-of-the-art vertical CNCs, permitting the automatic processing of the JUMBO panels with the maximal sizes of 5000 x 2800 mm, executing accurately all the necessary operations: edge processing, drilling, cutting:
    • CMS PROFILE 5028 SX (2016)
    • CMS PROFILE 7032 SX (2019)
    • CMS PROFILE 7032 SX (2020)
    • CMS VERTEC MILL 3222 SX (2018) executing automatically and fast the holes and the cuttings.
  • CMS Brembana Easyline (2020) – CNC with ‘WATER-JET’ technology in 5 axes designed to the processing and cutting of the glass, and also for other materials.

Laminated glass execution lines

  • PUJOL furnace for glass laminating with the size of 5000×2400 mm (2015), with a capacity of around 180 sqm / day.
  • JUMBO PUJOL HLH/4-5 furnace for glass laminating with the size of 6000×3200 mm (2021), with a capacity of around 200 sqm / day.
  • Glaston (TAMGLASS) RC 200 VORTEX PLUS security furnace (size 5000×2400 mm)-2016
  • ROLLMAC-GEMATA MULTIGLASS (2016) professional complete line for enameling with ceramic paint / cold painting glass for any RAL (around 100 sqm/hour).
  • VITRO JET FC8, TECGLASS SPANIA make glass printing machine, leader in the field – with JUMBO 6000×3000 MM sizes, the only machine in the country in terms of size and technology.
  • Pujol HEAT SOAK TEST furnace (2020) – maximal sizes of 6000 x 3200 mm.
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