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Produsele Transparent Design

                Who are we

WELCOME to TRANSPARENT DESIGN SRL ROMANIA, a Glass Processing Factory with large production capabilities that can provide any flat glass product.

Thanks to our newest equipments, TRANSPARENT DESIGN is able to cover the entirely flat glass processing areas: from glass cutting, edge polishing, drilling to automatic glass manufacturing  on CNC and laminating with EVASAFE.

The suppliers of our company are some of the most known manufacturers in the world: SAINT GOBAIN, AGC FLAT GLASS, BRIDGESTONE and BAVELLONI.

Our Factory

                 What we can do

We provide high quality tempered glass and custom mirrors in any shape and with all edges polished as standard

Our Bavelloni CNC equipment enable us to perform drills and cut-outs for all types of fixing accessories, hinges, brackets, etc. suitable for all glass products. We also manufacture a large range of decorative and bespoke glass as coloured, printed  and  sandblasted glass

We manufacture custom flat and laminated glass for : glass doors and glass walls, canopies and floors, frameless shower doors and enclosures, balustrades and staires, glass  splashbacks, worktops and shelves.  We also provide commercial glass furniture using UV BONDING.

Our services